Tuesday July 19th

Tuesday July 19th 9:58 PM

Between Monday morning and now I can’t even remember what all we have done. 

Let’s see what I’ve got… Monday afternoon and we visited the Newseum and listened to keynote speakers. We visited the National Press Club. But let me tell you this… Everyone here is sleep deprived or at least I am! Out of our keynotes was speakers Terry Anderson, Chief Middle East Correspondent and he by far was my favorite for the day. 

He is one interesting man. 

“If you want to be a journalists.. You’ll never stop learning.”

That is completely true. Just like Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief at National Geographic Magazine and News told us today, print is shifting to digital and as journalism shifts in time and technology journalists will need to learn how to engage the audience in any new way possible. 

Today while we were at the Mason Arlington Auditorium Brian Lamb and Jamie Smith both spoke to us.

We were warned about Brian Lamb. He is not afraid to ask questions and that is what makes him great. No matter what he took the answer and followed up with a next question. He taught me the importance of not having a biased report. Something that I enjoyed was that while everyone was voicing their beliefs and opinions he never shared his. 

The other speaker was Jamie Smith, Global Chief Communications Officer at The Bitfury Group. Can we all just take a second and admire all she has done? Traveling with Hillary Clinton as her assistant is SUPER COOL! Working her way up to her dream job step by step showed and inspired me. She at one point was just like me. Young and curious. 

Although all these speakers and events have been wonderful the people and new friends are what have made these past two days so great.

The being homesick 1,097 miles away was something I thought was enevitable but at this point I am not worried. Sorry mom, I love it here. 

Oh let’s mention how beautiful D.C. is and how I lost my room card but don’t worry… The key replaced was nice… Mistakes happen right?? 


Not Enough Time in the Day

Off to my first full day — Monday, July 18th 7:10 AM

I have never been this tired…. ever! Starting my day by leaving for the airport at 2:30 AM with my McPherson friends and ending my long day at 11:40 PM set a new meaning to a “long” day. With my day completely packed and scheduled down to the minutes there just was not enough time or energy in the day for me to realize what I have been dreaming about for months was actually happening as I walked around George Mason.

Of course, I was nervous. I was nervous that my roommates wouldn’t like me. I was nervous that I wouldn’t meet any new friends. I was nervous that I wouldn’t “fit” in. What can I tell you?? I worry about everything.

I was wrong….. and when I say this I mean COMPLETELY wrong. With a little encouragement in the airport by my amazing Mac friends I stepped out of my comfort zone and initiated conversations with STRANGERS. I don’t mean weirdos off the D.C. streets but I am now friends with people from all around the nation… EVEN HONG KONG. Yes, that’s you Fred. I don’t think this could go any smoother.

Off to breakfast I go… 7:15 AM came pretty fast.