Not Enough Time in the Day

Off to my first full day — Monday, July 18th 7:10 AM

I have never been this tired…. ever! Starting my day by leaving for the airport at 2:30 AM with my McPherson friends and ending my long day at 11:40 PM set a new meaning to a “long” day. With my day completely packed and scheduled down to the minutes there just was not enough time or energy in the day for me to realize what I have been dreaming about for months was actually happening as I walked around George Mason.

Of course, I was nervous. I was nervous that my roommates wouldn’t like me. I was nervous that I wouldn’t meet any new friends. I was nervous that I wouldn’t “fit” in. What can I tell you?? I worry about everything.

I was wrong….. and when I say this I mean COMPLETELY wrong. With a little encouragement in the airport by my amazing Mac friends I stepped out of my comfort zone and initiated conversations with STRANGERS. I don’t mean weirdos off the D.C. streets but I am now friends with people from all around the nation… EVEN HONG KONG. Yes, that’s you Fred. I don’t think this could go any smoother.

Off to breakfast I go… 7:15 AM came pretty fast.


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